Inspirational Wall Lettering -

Tools needed

  1. A credit card, plastic ruler, or plastic spatula.
  2. A pencil and masking tape.
  3. A measuring tape or yardstick.


  1. Wall lettering can be removed, but not re-used, so make sure you know where you want to place it. Vinyl letters do not stick well to a rough surface. Pick a smooth painted area where the paint is not peeling or cracked.

  2. The wall surface must be clean and dry. If the wall is clean, wipe it with a towel dampened with rubbing alcohol to remove any wax, oil, or dust that would keep the lettering from sticking properly. If the wall is dirty, clean it with soap and water, and allow it to dry completely.

  3. To help get the placement right, temporarily tape the sheet on the wall with masking tape, and mark along the edge of the sheet, using short strips of masking tape.

  4. Your sheet of lettering consists of three layers. Looking at the sheet face up, they are, from bottom to top, (1) the paper backing, (2) the vinyl letters, and (3) the application tape. Lay the sheet face up on a hard flat surface and go over the surface with the plastic squeegee. This flattens the sheet and helps to ensure that all the layers are adhering to each other properly.

  5. Flip the sheet face down and gently remove the paper backing. Make sure the vinyl letters stay on the application tape. When you're done, the adhesive side of the vinyl and the application tape will be exposed.

  6. Place the entire sheet, face out, on the wall. Make sure it is placed where you want it. Starting at the middle of the sheet, and working outward, apply firm pressure to the lettering, using first your finger tips, then the squeegee.

  7. After the entire sheet is smoothed out, remove the application tape. Start at one corner and peel the application tape straight back. Go slowly and carefully, staying close to the surface. If any of the letters begin to pull off the wall, stop pulling, and gently press the application tape back onto the wall and rub it with your squeegee or other tool, then try peeling again.

  8. After you've removed the application tape make sure the vinyl is adhering well to the surface, with no air bubbles. Go over the vinyl directly with your fingertips or squeegee as necessary. Finally, step back and admire your handiwork!


Using a hairdryer, gently blow over the vinyl to soften the adhesive. Don't use more heat than necessary. Using your finger nail or a sharp pointed object, gently peel the letters from the wall. Remove any traces of adhesive with soap and water.